Activity 2.1. Design and implementation of new snow measuring devices and equipment

  • Version 2 of the prototype data logger has been assembled and laboratory tested;
  • The mobile stations built arround the prototype data logger have been thoroughly tested outdoor;
  • The equipments have been installed at the cal/val sites Joseni and Târgu Secuiesc.

The cal/val site in Tg. Secuiesc – station T1 (snow depth, snow profile temperature and snow wetness)

Activity 2.2. Snowpack parameters observation and measurements

Both NMA and NR have made measurements of the snow spectra, using the FieldSpec Pro (ASD Inc.) and respectively the DSR (StellarNet) portable spectrometers. During the winter season 2016-2017, the spectral measurements of the snow pack will resume at the same locations and the data gathered will be used for the calibration/validation of the snowpack properties retrieval algorithms in the optical domain.

Solar Spectrum (vertical) measured with FieldSpec Pro – Sinaia, March 2015

Activity 2.3. Create and set-up of a spatial database managed by GIS software

The following tasks were carried out during the geospatial database design and implementation:

  • Review of existing geospatial data and databases in terms of type, structure, data format;
  • Analysis of the project needs in terms of data flow and information;
  • Selection of the geospatial data to be included in the geoportal;
  • Analysis of the attribute data type;
  • Review of the existing spatializing procedures for missing data;
  • Review of the procedures for data correction / validation;
  • Complience check with the INSPIRE directives.

Data and databases originating from the following sources have been used to populate the geospatial database: government institutions, freely available data (internet based), national projects, and data from the SnowBall consortium members –either existing or produced for the project needs (topographical map, orthophotomap, satellite imagery vectorisation or GPS data collection).

Activity 2.4. Elaboration of spatial products using the spatial database

Daily gridded data sets have been produced at a spatial resolution of 1000 x 1000 m for the period 1st October 2005 – 30 April 2015 for the following parameters: air temperature (minima, average and maximum), precipitations, snow depth (SD) and snow water equivalent (SWE).

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